1. Administration

    It is the responsibility of the Borough Manager to direct the daily function of the Borough, coordinate the various Borough departments, prepare the annual budget, develop long-range planning and implement policy decisions of the Council.

  2. Building & Zoning

    Construction in the Borough of Sewickley requires a permit from the Building Inspector.

  3. Fire Department

    The Fire Department offers their services. If you are interested in volunteering and serving our community, the department is always looking for volunteers.

  4. Police Department

    The Sewickley Borough Police Department is comprised of 8 full time and 7 part time officers. The department currently provides police services and protection to Sewickley and Glen Osborne Boroughs.

  5. Parking Authority

    The Borough of Sewickley Parking Authority utilizes pay stations for the rental of public on-street parking and municipal parking lots.

  6. Public Works

    The Borough of Sewickley Department of Public Works is responsible for the effective management and supervision of all activities relating to streets, leaf collection, maintenance of Borough parks, maintenance of the Borough Building and its surrounding grounds, and reforestation of the Borough.

  7. Stormwater Management

    Review Stormwater Management resources and requirements.

  8. Waste Collection

    Understand the garbage collection and recycling options in your community.

  9. Wastewater Treatment

    The Wastewater Treatment Department is responsible for sanitary sewage and the wastewater treatment plant located on Ferry & Chadwick Streets.