Park Shelter Reservation

There are 2 Shelters available to rent at War Memorial Park.801 Blackburn Road (Behind the YMCA)

To rent a shelter, a Shelter Rental Application must be filled out and returned, in person, to the Police Department, 1st Floor of the Municipal Building, 601 Thorn Street.  Reservations are taken beginning March 1st.

War Memorial Park Shelter Rental Application

Park Shelter Rental fees effective 11/21/2016 are as follows:
  1. The Non-Institutional and Non-Commercial Rate is $75.00 per shelter per day.
  2. The Institutional Rate (YMCA, etc.) is $100.00 per shelter per day.
  3. The Commercial Rate to rent the entire War Memorial Park is $1,000.00 per day.
  4. A $50.00 Alcohol Permit Fee