Parking Pay Stations


The pay stations provide many advantages to the consumer, the business owner, and the municipality over the old meters.
  • No need to carry a pocket full of quarters any longer since the stations accept in addition to quarters, one dollar bills and credit cards.
  • The stations allow for 8 hours in the business district as opposed to the 2 hour meters-now customers can go to lunch, go shopping and not worry about running back to the car to feed the meter.
  • The stations use solar panels to save energy and reduce operational costs for the Borough.

Pay by License Plate

Since you pay by license plate number as opposed to a space (as with the meters), as long as you have time left on the plate, it is possible to move your car and not have to pay a 2nd or 3rd time.

Mobile App

The new Meter Feeder app allows for paying on line and will give you an alert to your smart phone when your time is getting close to running out-thus reducing the possibility of getting a parking ticket.  For any questions or problems regarding the Meter Feeder app please call 1-844-463-7275.
App for iPhone
App for Android