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Building and Zoning Permit Application, Agreement, and Addendum


  1. 1. Building and Zoning Permit Application
  2. 2. Building and Zoning Permit Agreement
  3. 3. Builiding and Zoning Permit Addendum
  • Building and Zoning Permit Application

    1. building permit

    2. Is property in a Historic District?

    3. Will there be any tree removal/pruning?

    4. Workers Compensation Information

    5. **This applicant is responsible for obtaining required highway occupancy permits from the PA Department of Transportation

    6. The above information is true and correct. I hereby agree that all applicable provisions of the borough codes will be complied with, as well as the requirements form the municipal water and sewage authority and the PA Department of Labor and Industry, whether specified or not.

    7. Please enter your name.

    8. Please enter today's date.

    9. *Original signature mandatory. Please print, sign, and submit to the Building Inspector.*