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Historic Review Commission Application for Exterior Work in a Historic District

  1. HRC Header
  2. **A Certificate of Appropriateness must be recommended by the Historic Review Commission and approved by Borough Council prior to issuance of a Building Permit.
  4. Dependent upon the scope of the project, the building inspector will determine which of the requirements are necessary in each case to accompany the application in order for the commission to make an informed decision.
  5. 1. Photographs: 3” x 5” (or larger) photographs, in color if possible, showing the existing structure from all four (4) sides, its relationship with other structures on site or on adjacent property and is relationship on its block.
  6. 2. Site Plan: Scale 1inch = 20.0 feet, identifying all property lines, metes and bounds, all structures, paved areas, acreage noted and adjacent properties with owners name noted.
  7. 3. Floor Plan or Plans: Showing detail for any affected area ¼ inch = 1.0 feet, detail and note affected area.
  8. 4. Elevations: Showing detail for any affected areas ¼ inch = 1.0 feet.
  9. 5. Prospective and/or other renderings: If necessary to enhance the presentation.
  10. 6. General product specifications/cuts: Noting products to be used, i.e., doors, windows, walls porches, light fixtures, etc.
  11. 7. Samples: Finish materials as may be necessary to enhance the presentations, i.e.; Bricks, siding, shingles.
  12. 8. Historic Information: Any available documentation of the history of the site and the structure and its architectural style would be useful to the commission in its deliberations.
  13. 9. Sections:
  14. Submitted Materials:
  15. A. Photographs
  16. B. Site Plan
  17. C. Floor Plan(s)
  18. D. Elevations
  19. E. Perspective/Renderings
  20. F. General Product Specs.
  21. G. Samples
  22. H. Historic Information
  23. I. Sections
  24. Signatures:
  25. Sewickley Borough Council at its regular meeting on ______________________, approved/denied this application.
  26. *Original signature mandatory. Please print, sign, and submit to the Building Inspector.*
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