Fee Schedule, Maintenance & Solicitation

Door to Door Solicitors

The Borough has a Transient Merchant Ordinance, requiring the registration of door to door solicitors.  Solicitations cannot occur after 8 p.m.  For more information click here.

Property Maintenance Issues

  • Construction activities and general noise are permitted from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday - Saturday.
  • Garbage is not to be placed out for pick up until the night before service.
  • Grass shall not exceed 6 inches in height, and yards shall be maintained.
  • Snow and ice are to be removed from all sidewalks within 24 hours of falling.

Fee Schedule

  • Building Permit Fee: $100 base fee plus 1.0% of construction costs
  • Conditional Use or Subdivision Fee: $550
  • No Lien Letter: $35
  • Rezoning Request: $500
  • Sewage Tap-in Fee: $4,000 per dwelling unit
  • Sign Permit Fee: $50
  • Street Opening Fee: $250 base fee plus a Road Bond guarantee
  • Zoning Variance or Appeal Fee: $550
  • Occupancy Permit - $100